Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hopkins Sophomore Struck by Car is in Critical Condition

An 83-year-old female driver struck a Hopkins sophomore Saturday at 12 p.m., leaving him in critical condition. Hopkins Underground has learned that the student is Nathan Krasnopoler, a computer science major from Baltimore.

According to reports from the Baltimore Sun and the ABC News Baltimore affiliate, Krasnopoler was riding his bike along in a bike lane on West University Parkway and West 39th Street. He was struck when the driver attempted to turn right. The car's momentum caused the car to roll on top of him.

Krasnopoler is at Johns Hopkins Hospital with burns on his face but no internal bleeding. Chances of recovery are good, according to posts by friends on his Facebook page which is also filled with well wishes and encouragement.

An eyewitness at the scene after the incident tells Hopkins Underground that seven police cars, one Hopkins security officer, and two fire trucks arrived at the scene.

Like the rest of the Hopkins undergraduate community, our hearts and our best wishes for a speedy recovery are with Nathan.

UPDATE 2/27/2011 7:10 p.m.
The University released the following statement to faculty, students, and staff about Nathan Krasnopoler's condition and offered counseling services to those who need it. Krasnopoler remains in critical condition.


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

We write to inform you of a traffic accident involving one of our students.

On Saturday morning, Nathan Krasnopoler, a sophomore in the Whiting School of Engineering, was riding a bicycle in the area of West University Parkway and 39th Street when he was struck by a car and seriously injured. He was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Nathan’s parents and other family members are with him at the hospital and we have let them know that the Johns Hopkins University stands ready to provide them with any assistance that they made need.

Likewise, the university is prepared to offer support to those who know Nathan and anyone else who wishes to talk to someone about this incident. Our counseling center, peer counselors and the staff in the Office of the Dean of Student Life are available. If you would like to talk with someone, please call the Counseling Center at 410-516-8278. After hours, the counselor on call can be reached through Security at 410-516-7777. Information on peer counseling at A Place to Talk is at You can call the Dean’s Office at 410-516-8208 and someone will be happy to assist you.

President Ron Daniels and Provost Lloyd Minor join us in asking that everyone keep Nathan and his family and friends in their thoughts at this difficult time.


Nicholas P. Jones
Benjamin T. Rome Dean, Whiting School of Engineering

Sarah B. Steinberg
Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs


  1. I want to see charges filed!

  2. I'm a friend of Nathan's. I am pretty sure they are already going to take away her license. I'm not sure what they could do beyond that though. She's just an old lady. It wouldn't help make him better.

  3. Her license definitely needs to be revoked - permanently. Most 80+ year-olds shouldn't be driving, anyway. The degeneration of their various bodily & mental faculties is simply too great to justify their need for automotive locomotion: this was in broad daylight on a major thoroughfare.

    Accidents with the elderly happen far too often, but because the perpetrators are sympathetic figures, we as a society fail to react and address the problem in a concerted and organized way.

    In my hometown a few years ago, an 80+ year-old was responsible for losing it, and driving his car through a busy sidewalk area - mowing down several people in the process; no drinks, no drugs, no distractions: just too old to be driving.

    I feel horrible for this obviously meritorious soul (from what his interests & webpages show), and I hope people (and politicians) will begin to think more carefully about geriatric driving privileges.


  4. Nathan is in a coma. It's a serious injury. How could they not file some sort of charge against the old lady? I hope there's an eyewitness that prove she disregarded the law, failed to yield, etc.

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