Monday, March 7, 2011

Lichtenstein to be Young Trustee

Sam Lichtenstein, international relations major, is to be the Young Trustee for the class of 2011, Hopkins Underground has learned.

The senior from New York will be one of four Young Trustees on the Johns Hopkins Board of Trustees and serve a four-year term. Only one graduating student is selected each year. Sources say Lichtenstein was one of four finalists considered for the position.

Lichtenstein, among other things, is an editor at JHU Politik, the undergraduate political newsletter, co-chair of the Seniors for the Hopkins Fund, and a board member of the Blue Key Society (campus tours) and Admissions Representatives (admission interviews).

Abhiram Bhashyam '10, Christopher Louie '09, Michelle Brown '08, and Sarah David '07 whose term ends in this year are the other Young Trustees.


  1. Sure, he got named Young Trustee, but he may be one of the last! Why wasn't there a follow up report that the Young Trustee position will be phased out by the board?

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