Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rededicating Gilman

Photo: @JohnsHopkins
A tent set up on Gilman Quad for the rededication of Gilman Hall on Saturday.

We have learned some information about the rededication of Gilman Hall which will take place Saturday evening starting at 4:30 p.m.
  • Over 400 guests will attend, including members of the board of trustees, deans and vice-presidents from across the University, big donors, and all the faculty of the humanities departments. 
  • There will be dinner and a show! Eric Sundquist PhD '78, Professor in the Humanities, will deliver the keynote lecture titled "We Dreamed a Dream: Ralph Ellison, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama." 
  • Other speakers at dinner include President Ron Daniels, Dean Kathy Newman of the School of Arts and Sciences, and Pamela Flaherty, chair of the board of trustees. 
  • Before dinner, guests will have the opportunity to attend three themed cocktail parties/lectures. A professor will offer a lecture and a cocktail that reflects the theme of the lecture. For example, Franklin Knight of the history department will give a lecture on Latin America. There will be a rum tasting to go along with it. 
  • Six faculty members will lead their own seminars. No cocktails unfortunately in these. 
The rededication is similar to the University's "community celebration" of Gilman Hall which was held on Aug. 30. There were also seminars lead by professors and food. Though, the expense of the community celebration could hardly be equal to the one the University has planned for Saturday. The liquor will be flowing and the food much better than cookies and cake, making us wonder why did the students, who actually use  the building daily, not get such an event?


    1. Sundquist is in English, not the Humanities Center.

    2. While Eric Sundquist is in the English department, his official title at the university is "Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities."

    3. There was a public event at the beginning of the semester.

    4. uhhh yeah and they mentioned it at the bottom of the post...