Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Qureshi Resigns in Aftermath of Sgammato's Op-Ed

Omar Qureshi, the News-Letter opinion page editor, has resigned amid the fallout from Greg Sgammato's opinion in the latest edition of the News-Letter, sources close to the paper tell Hopkins Underground.

As the opinion page editor, Qureshi would have been responsible for overseeing the content of the opinion page. He defended Sgammato, his friend and roommate, in an e-mail to members of the debate team of which he is the treasurer and Sgammato the president.

"What has been most hurtful for me, personally, is that my friends and those closest to me now think of me as a bad person," Qureshi wrote. "I will not attempt to claim that I am not."

We do not know Sgammato's fate or that of the two top editors, Sarah Tan and Lily Newman. Tomorrow, the News-Letter will be print a new edition, undoubtedly with some explanation of the events of the past week.

A source also says Qureshi was not the only pair of eyes to review Sgammato's piece. It had in fact been edited by other editors.

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  1. editors should all resign

  2. It's pretty clear who started this blog. Someone with inside knowledge of NL, but probably who doesn't write for NL anymore. Hmm...I'm sure it wouldn't be someone who perhaps lost a bid for Editor in Chief, would it? And who then in return "became" Editor in Chief (read: self-appointed) of a "hip" new "zine" for "Bohemian" Baltimorians? No...that's too easy, too simple...or is it?

    This is (as I am currently an affiliate of NL) CLEARLY written by someone with inside information.


    1) The name of the FACULTY ADVISER of NL? Come on, where is this printed? Not on the website. Because it's pretty secret informaton.

    2) Internal knowledge of the proofing process as articles go to print. Writers don't know about this, because they aren't in the Gatehouse during printing time. Only editors. Or ex-editors...

    3) The mysterious appearance of this blog at the same time as a new paper launched by two ex-editors of NL (who strangely e-mailed people similar to the NL writer's list as writers for this new paper).

    4) Though this blog purports to cover "the faculty, students, and organizations that make up the Johns Hopkins University," it has covered, in the vast majority of the previous posts, the NL. And it originated BECAUSE of the NL. Come on, guys (or should I say girls...) Could you possibly be more obvious?

  3. Anonymous - why does it matter who started this blog? The person(s) involved with this blog is/are doing a pretty damn good job of communicating what the NL (and by extension, you) are failing to do.

  4. Anonymous, you're an idiot, I know precisely the girls you're talking about and this isn't them. The faculty advisor's name is not a secret, either.

  5. Anonymous here. This blog is only communicating a bunch of gossip, really, and "news tips" coming from current and former NL members who are pissed off and just want to complain. Again, the devotion of this blog to NL suggests that it was started by someone who has a serious bone to pick with them and its staff... i.e. someone who was rejected in elections.

    The rapidity of these responses (really, 4 minutes?) compared with the other posts, as well as the vehement tone with which they were penned suggests that someone has e-mail notification of comments enabled.

    Furthermore, if the faculty advisor's name is not a secret, please show me a link to where it is readily available on the internet. It's not in the paper on the masthead, either.

    Also, you fail to explain the person who posts here's inner knowledge of the NL editorial process. Again, my previous claim stands: it's either a current NL affiliate or one or two people in particular who have a bone to pick. If it's a current NL affiliate, I have a hard time imagining why the hell they'd make a blog badmouthing themselves (come on, I know for a fact how much work NL don't have time to write shit like this).

    Again, any way to prove my assertions? No...and correlation doesn't prove causality, of course. However, you'll have to keep this blog going for a while before I start to believe that (and covering real Hopkins issues...not just NL stuff). I doubt you have the desire to convince me. And if you do continue this blog long enough, great. It's not poorly written by any means, and if you provide enough information on other interesting Hopkins-goings on, I might even be able to overlook the initial reason it was founded.

  6. hey omar, how are things?

  7. if tucker max can get away with stuff like this, why can't greg? just my two cents...

  8. It's not a secret because the feminist group on campus was able to figure it out. YOU JUST FUCKING ASK ANYONE IN THE ADMINISTRATION. You have absolutely no powers of detection or analysis whatsoever. Breaking down non-evidence into stupid little proofs like you do does not make you intelligent or your petty conclusions valid.

  9. Advisor's name is listed under administration officials. His profile lists the fact that he's the NP's advisor.

    Not very hard to figure out.

  10. I found the adviser's name under the NL's listing on Mystudentgroups (the old Collegiate Link). It wasn't hard.