Friday, September 24, 2010

Who We Are and Who We Are Not

We aren't chimps but some readers might think we are.
Some readers and commenters have tried to figure out who Hopkins Underground could be. Several claims have been made and we are here to respond.

We are not former writers for the News-Letter who lost an editorial election. We have never been an editor at the N-L, been a candidate in an election, or seen the N-L's proofing process. What some call "inside knowledge" of the N-L is no more than honest and thoughtful reporting, communicating with sources and researching information.

We do not have a bone to pick with the paper. We write and report without malice or cruel intentions. We started this blog in September because the academic year begins at this time. Hopkins Underground is not connected to another publication,print or online.

Our consistent coverage of the reaction to Greg Sgammato's op-ed piece is purely coincidental. We have been online for only two weeks. On Sept. 16, we wrote about the shooting at the Hopkins Hospital, an important event at the University that warranted some thoughts. It was not until we discovered Sgammato's op-ed later that day did we decide to write again. We stuck with this story because of the widespread reaction, on campus and nationally.

So, who are we? We are writers through and through. That does not make us Writing Seminars majors though. This is not our first year at Hopkins. Apart from that, we direct you to our welcome post in which we explain why we write anonymously.

We hope that readers continue to come to Hopkins Underground, as we are working on stories that are unrelated to the N-L and should be of interest to the student body. We are not ignorant to the point where we think we will win over everyone.

To those who stick around, see you soon.

UPDATE 9/25/2010 7:55 p.m.: 
And a few of our promises to you:
  • We will not remove, retract, or un-publish posts that are deemed offensive or critical. No matter how much backlash a post may bring, we will always keep the information online. If there is a mistake, we will make a correction but keep the post up.
  • We will not remove comments that are critical of us or our work. We will not close or prevent comments on a post.
  • We will not peddle gossip or misinformation. Do understand, however, that we are human and will make mistakes from time to time despite our best efforts. Any publication that promises otherwise is lying.


  1. Who you are is a bunch of hypocrites. You try quite hard to make sure that editors at The News-Letter are held accountable for their actions. There is nothing wrong with that. People should be held accountable for their actions. But no matter what goes up on this blog you will never be held accountable for it because you hide behind a veil of anonymity. In your welcome post you first justify the fact that you will remain anonymous by claiming you fear reprisal. Bull-shit. Newspaper all over the world, including college papers around the country (such as The News-Letter) print pieces that are critical of the powers that be. When a reader sees a name next to a story they know the writer is standing behind that story. If you really are afraid of reprisal than you are cowards. You are afraid to stand by your work, afraid to accept the consequences of your actions. The News-Letter has problems. Those controversial articles were disgusting and should never have been printed. But you people are just pathetic cowards.

  2. It is hardly brave of you not to remove offensive posts. No can ever connect them to you anyway if you refuse to say who you are.

  3. Just a minute. Someone writing under cover of anonymity takes shots at this blog because its authors are anonymous? And this same someone states that people should be accountable for their actions? Do people on this campus pay any attention to what they are saying when they write?

  4. Those of us that do pay attention to what we write are overshadowed by smug idiots like "Anonymous" and "Hopkins Student." Mr. McIntyre, please don't let this inferior species of Hopkins student affect your opinion of the overall caliber of Hopkins intellect!